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Workshop Insights

The initiative of DPS HRD centre of organizing a 3 day workshop titled “ The Wonder World Of Chemistry “ for classes IX and X teachers was a wonderful attempt. The main objectives of workshop were-

  • To keep abreast with the new developments in the world of chemistry.
  • To handle the misconceptions in chemistry while teaching.
  • Exchange of ideas and methodology.
  • Better preparations for the competitions.

Day 1
6th November 2019
Session 1

It was conducted by Prof. R D Shukla. Nomenclature and Terminology of chemistry was beautifully and effectively explainedby the veteran academician. He threw lights on many important concepts of chemistry and explained them nicely.

Session: 2
Session name: Curriculum and pedagogy of chemistry at secondary level
Resource expert
: Dr H.S Vashistha, Principal, DPS Bulandshahr
He started the session by explaining the importance of chemistry in daily life. He explained curriculum as the instructional educative programme through which pupils achieve their goals, ideas and aspirations of life. He emphasized that the importance of curriculum is to provide clear purpose and goals, to provide a rational sequence, helps in makingstrategy in teaching and learning, helps in the selection of the learning experience. He also discussed about NCF-2005 and also insisted to build child centered systemof education.

Session: 3( Inaugual session)
Resource expert
: Prof; AK Bakshi, VC , PDM Uni. Bahadurgarh
It was a proud and privileged session in the gracious presence of Prof. B P Khandelwal on the occasion of the inagural session of the workshop. The keynote address was delivered by Prof. A. K Bakshi on the topic “Chemistry education in 21st century.He discussed the inter relation of chemistry with other subjectsfollowed by some mis conceptions that we have generally in chemistry. His address ended with motivational song. It was immense pleasure to have heart touching wordsby Mr. Khandelwal which convey how to live life in harmonyin society and family. His words were “to be good teacher primary condition is to stay happy and calm by body and mind.

Session: 4 (Journey: Atom to Molecule)
Resource Expert
: Dr H S Vashistha
He started the concept of States of Matter. It was clearly explained and cleared all the doubts. He proved the value of Avogadro number. He ended his session with a crossword and it was mind blowing.

Day 2
7th November 2019

There were four sessions. First and second sessions was by Mr Prem Dhawan, HOD Chemistry, DPS RK puram regarding Chemical Bonding. He clarified the misconceptions on various topics of chemistry and explained the easiest way of balancing equations.
Third and fourth sessions were taken by Ms. Poonam Jina, HOD Chemistry, DPS Noida and the topic was “Elements Around Us”. She threw light on classification of metals and cleared doubts of the topics of classification of elements. In the second session she introduced the chapter Carbon, the element of life. She gave an idea to make the classes more interactive by giving effective daily life examples. The whole session was informative and interactive.

8th November 2019

There were four sessions. The first and second sessions were done by Ms. Sangeeta Chakravarthy, Vice principal, DPS Faridabad based on the topic Acids Bases and Salts. She explained the Bronsted-Lowery concept and Ka and Pka values of different acids. The second session was based on practicals and she conducted many experiments which were interesting and exciting. Session 3 was done by Prof: Naresh Pant, Dept. of Geology, University of Delhi regarding the topic Combating CO2 Emissions. He explained about the gradual rise of CO2 and its aftereffects. He explained about the importance of awareness, education and proper management of resources for CO2 control. The last session was experience sharing and Valedictory session. The delegates from DPS Hisar, DPS Amritsar, DPS Mysore and DPS Aligarh expressed their thanks to DPS society for organizing such a wonderful and eye opening workshop. Certificates of participation were presented and vote of thanks was given by Dr Sharda Manocha Joint Director, HRDC.


Date & Time : 01ST October, 2019 & 10:30 a.m

Venue: Library & Language lab

Resource Person: Dr.G.S Grewal & Mr. R.K. Khosla

An Accountancy Workshop was organized by Sultan Chand & Sons on October 1st,2019 at Delhi Public School Aligarh, Agra Road. Directed by acclaimed authors, CA. (Dr.) G.S.Grewal and Mr. R.K.Khosla, the workshop was divided into 2 sessions.

Session – I : was taken by CA. (Dr.) G.S.Grewal:

It focused on current changes in the Accountancy Syllabus for the year 2019–20 for classes XII with respect to

  • Effective use of 15 minutes of reading time in Board examination
  • Goods & Services Tax
  • Treatment of Goodwill
  • Changes in Syllabus
  • Objective type, typology questions and lots other.

Session II were conducted by Mr. R.K. Khosla:

Who emphasized on ‘Accounting Conversion of Single Entry System into Double Entry System, how to remember theory and what are the ways to attempt questions in exam with efficiency & effectively.

All the main concepts were discussed in detail with the help of practical examples. It was indeed a great learning experience!!

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A Physics workshop has been organized in DPS SW Aligarh on 9th July 2019 by physics department. Our resource persons were Ms.Pragya Nopany, ex HOD Physics in Birla School Delhi a national award winner in the field of education and Ms.Shalini Kulshrestha. We are very thankful to both of them who gave us time from their busy schedule and enlightened us on physics hands on activities.

Both of them performed activities based on electrostatics, electromagnetism, eddy currents, concepts of cyclotron, reflection of light, TIR and many more. Our students enjoyed a lot this session and our resource persons promised us conduct another session/workshop again in future.

I Vivek Dixit (HOD Physics) on the behalf of physics department thankful to my path enlightener respected Principal Ms.Aarti Nigam for always providing us such as platform to add to our knowledge. I thank our admin officer Mr.Brij Mohan for the arrangements and provision. I thank members of different departments, all bheyya ji for lending their valuable support and cooperation.


A workshop on “Sustaining Mathematics” for secondary school teachers was conducted by Delhi Public School Society, Human Resource Development Centre, Lodhi Road New Delhi. This workshop was only for T.G.T. Mathematics for 3 days from 21 Aug 2019- 23 Aug 2019.

On 21 August, First day Introduction journey of DPS (a short film) has been shown and lectures on the topics like Learning Objectives in Mathematics, Understanding Mathematics at Secondary Level and Understanding Geometry were given by Mr. Harish Sachdeva, Director, HRDC, Prof. A K Rajput, Head, DESM, NCERT, Mr. Anil Kumar, Principal, DPS Faridabad in first, second and third session respectively.

On 22 August, Second day lectures on the important topics like Preparing for Competitions, Teaching-Learning of Mathematics through Models, Understanding Probability and Understanding Mensuration were given by Mr. Sachdeva, Prof. Hukum Singh, Former Dean (Academics) NCERT and Mr. Anil Kathuria, HOD (Mathematics) DPS R K Puram in first, second and third session respectively. All the Sessions were very interesting and knowledgeable.

On 23 August, Third day the most desired topics like Trigonometry & Coordinate Geometry, Contents of Mathematics, How to prepare for Competitive exams were given by Ms. Himani Asija, PGT, DPS Vasant Kunj and Mr. Sachdeva in first, second and third session respectively.

At last on the same day in Fourth session six participants presented their views whatever they learnt in the whole workshop, How fruitful was the workshop and among them two shared their innovative ideas about Mathematics.

The culmination of the workshop was with an inspiring speech which was delivered by Prof. B. P. Khandelwal, Member, The DPS Society. Certificates of the participation along with group photographs were also given by Mr. Khandelwal, Finally workshop was over with a cup of Tea and really it was very fruitful and innovative.


DPS Aligarh organised a three hour workshop on ‘Teaching English _The Natural Way‘ on 10 August, 2019 for 35 teachers of 5 schools of Aligarh and its surrounding areas. The training specifically focused on exploring newer and interesting approaches to teaching English with an aim to bring qualitative changes in the teaching methodology of this subject in order to make it more interesting and student friendly.

Anchored by Ms.Artee Khandelwal, a faculty from the English Department of DPS Aligarh, the workshop was mainly conducted by Ms. Manju latha, HOD English DPS Aligarh, who enlightened the teachers on the intricacies of teaching English grammar. Mr.Sudhir Sharma ,Deputy HOD, introduced a new concept of teaching ‘Narration ‘ to the senior classes.Mr.Ashok Sharma and Mr.Nitin Garg from the English Department emphasised on the Writing skills and Determiners respectively.

The workshop was attended by the teachers of Vishwa Bharti Public School Aligarh, Shree Ram Public School Chhalesar, Abhinav Vidyalay Chhalesar, GD Public School Aligarh and Dps Aligarh.

Often problems faced by students in understanding and developing command over English act as a deterrent towards interest in studies itself.Keeping this in mind the workshop was designed in such a manner that the teachers not only become academic experts but also the prime movers in shaping an individual’s life and future.

Teachers were given worksheets to solve at the end of each topic covered to concretise what had been shared.

The workshop was participative in nature and was greatly appreciated by the participants.