International Exchange Programme

DPS Aligarh has been associated with Indo French Cultural Exchange Programme for three years. Every year a team of delegates from both countries visit each others country mutually. A team of delegates consisting of 21 students and 3 teachers went to France in month of November-December (27th November to 11th December 2019). Where the students lived with their buddy partners and explored their cultural educational and social scenario. During the stay in France the students enjoyed the visits of the places of world repute. The festive season of the typical French pattern really fascinated the children.

While the team of delegates from… LYCEE OZANAM GENERAL ET TECHNOLOGIQUE, France visited India in the month of October 2019. They also stayed with their buddy partners and had a lot of fun on the festival of Diwali. The sole purpose of the programme to open the new avenues for the students and to globalized their perception towards the future.

  • “The beauty of the world lies in the diversity of its people.”

    The crucial differences which distinguish human societies and human beings are not biological. They are cultural.

    Cultural differences should not separate usfrom each other, but rather cultural diversity brings acollective strength thatcan bethehumanity.

    To fulfill the aim of this programme, French delegates arrived at IGI Airport on October 16, 2019.

    Their day-1 began with an amiable welcome in DPS Aligarh by our Principal Ma’am, Vice-Principal Sir, AO sir and staff members. A sumptuous breakfast was offered to the French delegates which was quite relishing. Being cultural exchange programme, the welcome was offered in a complete Indian way.

    The highlight of the day was different types of cultural dances depicting the ways in which the French students could learn about the Indian culture, tradition and festivals etc. After mesmerizing dance performance, the members of the student council greeted the French delegates with “Teeka”

    Finally the Indo- French Cultural Exchange programme commenced with the installation of the Flags of Delhi Public School Aligarh and Lycee Prive Ozanam ,Lille, France. The French students met their Indian counterparts. The host families were waiting for the French delegates to welcome them to their houses.

    The programme was concluded with the National Anthems of both the countries conveying the message of the global amity.

  • On 17th October 2019, Delhi Public School Aligarh, Junior Wing, opened its doors for international amalgamation with France, in order for its students to experience different cultures through Indo-French Exchange Programme -2019. A delegation of 21 students accompanied by their teachers Mr. Fredrick Rousselle, Mr. Herve Escario, Ms. Carole Mauriaucourt and Ms. Karine Herve from Lycee Privee Ozanam and Ozanam Epil Campus (EPIL), who had arrived from France on 16th October 2019, were welcomed with a ‘Tilak’ and lovely badges upon their arrival at the school premises to get a first-hand experience of the most beautiful country of the world. Accompanying the Students from France, were their 21 partners from DPS Aligarh and DPS Civil Lines.

    A special assembly was conducted in French by the students of DPS Aligarh, Junior Wing, who have opted for French as their Third Language. A French Song by Pratyush Sharma of Class VIA was a delight to the soul. The Headmistress Ms. Bhavana Bhardwaj addressed the delegation and extended a formal welcome to them. The assembly gave the guests a sneak-peek of the daily schedule followed in the school.

    A myriad of activities were planned for the delegation from France at Delhi Public School Aligarh, Junior Wing. Post assembly the guests participated in a session involving Calisthenics and the mind and soul transforming Yogasanas. Thereafter, the guests were ushered to various classes wherein they were given a glimpse of our extra-ordinary country. The Headmistress Ms. Bhavana Bhardwaj accompanied the guests as they interacted with the students in their respective class rooms. The students from Class Playgroup to Class II were dressed as the various Freedom Fighters and Leaders of India. They also interacted and shared poems and songs with the guests. The students of Class III to VI were dressed in stunning attires to represent the different states and Union Territories of India in their beautifully decorated classrooms. They welcomed the guests with their dance and song presentations. Famous dishes and articles, from the States and Union Territories they represented, were on display. The objective was to provide a glimpse of the extra-ordinary beauty and cultural diversity of India under one roof. The delegation seemed to have really enjoyed their interaction with the students. The group then visited various ultra-modern activity rooms such as the Arts, Dance, Music and Sports rooms. They also visited the Language Lab, Science Lab, Maths Lab, and Social Studies Lab. Thereafter, the delegation joined for some refreshments in the Canteen to re-energise them for the session next in line where in they joined for hands on experience at Clay Modelling in the Multi-Purpose Lab. It was relaxing and also very interesting at the same time for the delegation to put their thoughts into shape. Everyone enjoyed the experience. Their day at DPS Aligarh, Junior Wing thus ended with the Photo Session to forever capture their memories and experiences. For the delegation of France and the students of DPS Aligarh, Junior Wing, it was a day of ‘Educational and Cultural Exchange’ in its truest sense!

    The Indo-French Exchange Programme-2019 will provide an unparalleled opportunity to the students of DPS Aligarh to effectively build bridges of understanding of France, broaden their horizon and change the way they see the world.

  • A special assembly was conducted on 18th October 2019 in the school to welcome the French delegates in the institution. In its endeavors to provide a platform for global learning to the students, DPS Civil Lines has become a part of Indo-French Students Exchange Programme. This type of programme has always nurtured and supported the academics.

    For this day we had 20 students along with three teacher escorts from France. These students were accompanied by students of DPS Civil Lines and DPS Aligarh as buddies.

    The assembly commenced with prayer led by the Principal of the school followed by Saraswati Vandana. The delegates were welcomed by the Principal by giving a greeting turban as a token of remembrance. A poem in French was recited by Sanchi Popli of class VI and was appreciated by all. Akriti Rai of class X gave the speech highlight the cultural values of India. To make this assembly memorable for the delegates cultural performances were presented on the stage. After the Principal’s address the assembly concludes with the national anthem of France followed by India.

    After the assembly the delegates had time of fun playing football and performing activities in the dance and arts departments. A documentary presentation was also arranged to provide highlight of indian culture and tradition.

    Every bit of time was enjoyed by the delegates being in the campus. They could find on atmosphere of being home in the school premises. The delegates appreciated the hospitality given by the institution and assured of their return to meet everyone once again.

  • Student exchange programme helps the participants in international learning and knowledge, propels students in understanding an array of different cultural and community perspectives as well as improving their language skills and broadening their social horizons. As part of the French Cultural Exchange Programme, a group of 21 students from France with their buddy partners visited the DPS Sr. Wing Aligarh on 19th October 2019. They were accompanied by their teachers Mr. Frederic Rousselle, Mr. Herve Escario,Ms Mauriaucourt Carole and Ms Karine Maligeay.The French Delegates weregreeted by Ms Aarti Nigam, Principal, DPS Aligarh and Mr Chandra SheKhar Sharma, Vice Principal of D P S Aligarh. Later The French delegates were taken away on an official tour of the school grounds of DPS Aligarh escorted by their counterpart teacher delegates Mr. Gourav Giri and Mrs. Sandhya thakkur.

    The student visited the TECH ZONE- Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mac lab. and Audio recording lab. Knowledge seeking Arena – the school library impressed the French delegates.

    Sports have many physical and psychological advantages for the participants as well as the viewers. The French students and Indian students together enjoyed several sports activities likeTug of War, Cricket, Horse Riding, Basket ball and Athletic. TheFrenchdelegates were nowhere behind cheeringthe hostteam. Once the Sports Activities accomplished successfully, they were headed towards the Art Room. The students and the teachers spent their quality time by creating beautiful paintings.

    There are short cuts of the happiness, and dancing is one of them.

    Dance gives us physical strength and endurance. The dance teacher Ms Deepa Khare hosted them with gracefully and taught a few steps of classical dance along with some freestyle and Bollywood dance.

    Overall it was a fun filled day for the French delegates and they captured the glimpse of Indian art, music, dance, sports and Indian Education system.

  • One of the pleasant things in the world is going on a journey.

    The world is a book and those who do not travel, read only one page of the book. Therefore wherever you go, go with all your heart. India is a beautiful country with a rich heritage. To have a glimpse of our rich heritage The Indo French Cultural Exchange team was taken on a pleasant trip to Delhi. The students visited the Lotus temple, an ideal place to meditate and attain mental peace. The students were impressed by the splendor of Turkish and Mughal art. The design and technology used during the Turkish period to build Qutub Minar were appreciated by the French delegates.

    This 73m tapering victory tower-Qutub Minar constructed at a particular angle was awe-inspiring for the French students. From Delhi the Indo- French group moved to yet another culturally rich city of Jaipur.Thegrandeur of Amer Fort and it’s rich architecture was admired by the group. The captivating views of Aravalli mountains from theAmer Fort wasa pleasant treat for all. City Palace- Jaipur is the first planned city of medieval India. The city is divided into nine blocks and the royal palace is situated at the center of thecity. It has a sequence of gardens, buildings and courtyards, temples and museum to give ita grand view that reflects its historical importance and magnificent royal grace. From Jaipur, The Indo-French Team moved on to view the pride of India – The Taj Mahal. The White beauty with it’s exquisite designs andarchitecture was a breath taking delight forevery one . The students and delegates enjoyed their visit to Agra. It was their dream which came true and they relished it by taking photographs and admiring the pure white marble beauty. The Indo-French group returned back to Aligarh in late evening on 22 October with the wonderful memories of the trip.

  • The team of delegates from France along with their buddy partners reached from DPS Aligarh and joined the special assembly of the beautiful festival “Diwali”.

    They visited every nook and corner of the school. The day started with their fun filled singing in which they all practised singing songs under the guidance of Mr. R K Saxena, the music teacher who taught them the minute intricacies of music.

    Afterwards, all the students headed to the playground where they enjoyed many sports including cricket, Tug of War, Horse Riding, Basketball etc. They all really enjoyed the session as they were constantly guided and supported by the coaches. Moreover all the students reported to the dance room and learnt typical Indian dance tending to highlight the Diwali celebrations. When all the students assembled in the library for a formal assembly they enjoyed it a lot and gave a beautiful presentation of dance and it was applauded by the audience for their marvelous performance. On the very outset the Principal, Aarti Nigam congratulated the team for their coorperation.

  • On Monday 24/10/2019 DPS Hathras welcomed students and teachers from France under Indo French Cultural Exchange Programme. Special Assembly was conducted in lieu of Deepawali. Various Cultural Performance of the DPS Hathras Students filled the essence of joy all around. Activities like Spray Painting and football friendly match was organized. The day witnessed the joy of French visitors signaling the worth of Indo-French interaction.

  • The team of 21 students and 3 teachers as delegates from France visited Vrindavan on 24th Oct. 2019.

    During the visit there were all 21 students of DPS Aligarh along with a team of escorting teachers who accompanied the French delegates. During the course of action the students visited the Island temple while reaching Vrindavan where the students got fascinated with the devotion of the foreign devotees for Lord Krishna and moreover all of the participants enjoyed the Keertan session having been held in the premise of the temple.

    Proceeding ahead the delegates went to visit Prem Mandir and embodiment of the eternal love that Lord Krishna showered on Radha.

    The marvelous scene was captured in the memory as the delegates were happy in taking photographs.

    Overall the programme was a huge success.

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