• “Unity in diversity is not just a concept; it’s a celebration of the human spirit”

    Our Deekshant Samaroh at Delhi Public School Aligarh was a testament to this ethos. With Chief Guest Col. Ajay Lumba gracing us with his wisdom and presence, we embarked on a journey through Indian cultures, festivals, and performances that left our hearts brimming with pride and joy.

    From the rhythmic beats of folk dances to the grace of classical performances, each act painted a vivid tapestry of our shared humanity. In her address, the Principal Mrs. Arti Jha eloquently spoke about the inherent beauty of diversity within our children emphasizing how each child’s unique background enriches our school community. She warmly welcomed parents, acknowledging their integral role in nurturing and celebrating this diversity.

    As certificates were bestowed upon our graduates, marking the culmination of years of hard work and dedication, we were reminded that education knows no boundaries.

    In his insightful words, Col. Ajay Lumba reminded us of the power we hold as agents of change in a world hungry for compassion and understanding. His blessing echoed through the halls, filling us with renewed hope and determination to make a difference.

    And amidst the applause and cheers, our parents stood as beacons of love and support, their smiles reflecting the pride they felt for their children’s accomplishments.

  • "As you embark on this academic journey, may your efforts be crowned with success. Best wishes to the aspiring scholars of class X”

    The Blessing ceremony, coinciding with the auspicious occasion of Basant Panchmi, was organized at DPS Aligarh for the aspiring scholars of class X on 14th February 2024. Commencing with the reverent invocation of Goddess Saraswati, revered as the epitome of wisdom and knowledge, the ceremony unfolded under the guidance of Mr. Harshvardan Thakur, the examination incharge, who imparted crucial insights and technical nuances essential for the impending board examinations.

    Mr. Intisar Ahmed, the Academic Coordinator, fervently motivated the students, instilling within them a sense of determination and purpose. The inspirational discourse culminated with blessings and words of wisdom from the esteemed principal, Ms. Arti Jha. The ceremony was solemnized with the ritualistic tilak, lighting of candles by the students, and the joyous distribution of sweets, symbolizing the auspiciousness and sanctity of the occasion.

  • "Every citizen of India must remember that he is an Indian and he has every right in this country but with certain duties" - Sardar Vallabhai Patel

    May the Indian flag always fly high

    Delhi Public School Aligarh celebrated the 75th Republic Day reflecting the spirit of unity and patriotism with the flag unfurling by the respected Principal, and other dignitaries followed by the National Anthem. The celebration proceeded with an insightful speech, a poem and a medley of melodious songs presented by the staff members. The celebration concluded with the valuable words of the Principal, Mrs. Arti Jha as she made us all realise the beauty of togetherness that makes our nation incredible.

  • “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end”

    Delhi Public School Aligarh bid a heartfelt farewell to the outgoing Class 12th batch. The event was graced by the presence of respected Principal Ms. Arti Jha, esteemed teachers and class 11&12 students .The seniors were felicitated with different titles such as yaariyan, chatterbox, quiet storm, future Einstein's entrepreneurs, government officials etc. They took to the stage for a graceful ramp walk after facing questionnaire round. The President of the Student Council Anandika Mittal along with the Head Girl Priyanshi Gupta and Head Boy Sanidhya Khare shared their experiences by delivering heartfelt speeches and poem in which they thanked as well as appreciated to all the teaching faculty. The Principal blessed the students for their future endeavors. Takshyog Kaushal and Tanushka Raghav were crowned as Mr. and Ms. Farewell. On the other hand the title of Mr. and Ms. DPS was bagged by Tushar Vikram Singh and Anandika Mittal who were crowned by giving sashes too. Students and teachers shared a bittersweet moment, reminiscing the cherished memories through dance, music, skit, by taking selfies and much more. To make the program enjoyable many games were also played. At last Ankita Banerjee delivered vote of thanks. Overall the ceremony was a blend of emotions, laughter, and evocative.

  • On December 23, 2023, the festive vibe enveloped Delhi Public School Aligarh, transforming it into a lively venue for the long-awaited Winter Carnival cum fete. Themed "MERA GAON MERA DESH," the event beautifully showcased India's cultural diversity. Mr. Rakesh Singh, BSA, Dept. of Education, graced the occasion as the chief guest.

    The school grounds buzzed with vibrant stalls featuring clothing, handicrafts, and accessories. Not only teachers but also the parents put different stalls like Wish basket, DIY kits and House Decor items. Pulsating music and mesmerizing orchestra performances captivated visitors, while the carnival became a foodies' heaven with a delectable array of dishes. Besides this the young learners performed Nukkad Natak on important subjects such as Save Environment and Voting rights, compelling the audience to retrospect. It was really a pleasure to watch the youth being vocal and raise awareness on such significant topics which we often tend to ignore.

    The visitors showcased enthusiasm at game stalls, which offered them a chance to display their gaming skills. Thrilling rides on camel and horse and adventurous swings fascinated the crowd. The highlight was the Fashion Show, where parents and kids flaunted traditional attire from different states. The event concluded with the recognition for the "Uniquely Dressed" and "Best Decorated Stall of the Day."

  • “A good teacher must be able to get into a child’s brain and see why he is not able to comprehend".

    We are thrilled to share the highlights of our grand Teacher's Day celebration, held on 05 September, 2023. This year, we went above and beyond to honor our incredible teachers and express our heartfelt gratitude for their unwavering dedication.

    The day commenced with a special morning assembly, where students presented heartwarming speech to express their admiration and appreciation for their teachers. The atmosphere was filled with warmth and gratitude. The event featured title distribution to teachers, dance performances that enthralled the audience, an orchestra that resonated with our hearts, a welcoming song that set the mood, a traditional lamp lighting ceremony, and two engaging interactive games.

    When we can spend our time interacting with our friends, family or colleagues, we choose to spend it on social media talking to people sitting miles away from us. We tend to ignore what we have, to pine for what we want. The beautiful interactive session ended with a heartfelt thanks from the Pro-Vice Chairman to all the staff and students for standing like a tall pillar in all these years, especially to the staff who have been here for 25 long years.

    Additionally, students presented handmade cards and thoughtful gifts to their teachers, conveying their gratitude in a personal and meaningful way. Teachers were presented with titles that recognized their unwavering dedication; a gesture orchestrated by the title committee. Every precious moment was captured by the photography committee, preserving the memories for years to come. The technical committee ensured smooth logistics and sound during the event, guaranteeing everything ran seamlessly. Guests and attendees were comfortably accommodated by the seating committee, enhancing the overall experience.

    The celebration concluded with a heartfelt closing ceremony, where the principal Ms. Arti Jha expressed gratitude and admiration for teachers. It was a momentous day filled with love, respect, and appreciation for the mentors who shape the future of students.

    We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed to making this Teacher's Day celebration a memorable and joyous event. Together, we honored our teachers and let them know just how much they mean to us.

    The Teacher's Day Celebration strengthened the bond between students and teachers, underscoring the invaluable role educators play in shaping our future. It fostered unity and gratitude within the school community. Looking forward, the success of this celebration inspires us to continue honoring our teachers and nurturing a supportive and inspiring educational environment.

  • “One individual may die for an idea, but that idea will, after his death, incarnate itself into a thousand lives.”

    This is also true for the power of education and freedom in our lives, which help us reincarnate a million more lives and smiles across the borders. The 77th Independence Day similarly reincarnated a new era of hope, optimism, gratitude and pride in one’s identity and nationality as we all paid our humble tribute to the unsung heroes of Indian Independence. The students of classes III to XII turned up in huge numbers to witness the hoisting of the Indian flag, to immerse themselves into the melody of the patriotic songs that bring out a sense of respect and love for the motherland, to applaud the various performances depicting the struggles of our valiant heroes. The day also witnessed various activities like Slogan writing, Collage making and Poster making where the students expressed their heart to show their pride and love for the country. The grandeur of the day unfolded with the cultural events, highlights being the spectacular speech by Ashima Garg of XII-C and a patriotic poem by Pratyush Singh of X-A emphasizing on our roles as Indians, our pride in our national identity, why we are no less than any other global force. It also saw a heart-wrenching and yet encouraging mime on the emergence of leaders like Gandhiji and Netaji during the most clouded period of Indian freedom struggle.

    The event was a double celebration for us as it also marked the 25th anniversary of DPS Aligarh. The journey of a million miles which was started by Shri Pavan Jain in 1998 with just 187 students has reached its apex of success, all because of the hard work, dedication and commitment of its members. This was beautifully emphasized by our esteemed Chief guest, Pro-Vice Chairman, Mr. Swapnil Jain as he got nostalgic speaking of the first day in this school, and how the institution has moulded thousands of lives since then. The Director of Pavna Group, Mrs. Priya Jain was also left spell-bound by the immense talent of the students here. The speeches from the Chief guest and the Principal were the cherry on the cake which reminded us to remain grateful, grounded and humble in all situations of life. The honorable Principal, Mrs. Arti Jha reminded us of our achievements as Indians, of being the 5 th largest economy of the world, of being one of the most revered nations for its intelligence, unity and sacrifice. She illustrated how the sacrifice of these heroes shouldn’t be remembered with tears in our eyes, but with a broad chest and head held high, with pride and love. On the other hand, Pro-Vice Chairman, Mr. Swapnil Jain reminded us that it’s never enough to just attain freedom from a foreign force, especially at an age when we are still bonded laborers of technology.

    When we can spend our time interacting with our friends, family or colleagues, we choose to spend it on social media talking to people sitting miles away from us. We tend to ignore what we have, to pine for what we want. The beautiful interactive session ended with a heartfelt thanks from the Pro-Vice Chairman to all the staff and students for standing like a tall pillar in all these years, especially to the staff who have been here for 25 long years.

  • "Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others."

    Delhi Public School Aligarh motto is to create leaders of tomorrow and there is a special ceremony that turns it into reality. For us, the Investiture Ceremony is not just about providing titles, but about conferring responsibilities to the students, to take charge of the school and take it to the height they desire with their leadership and decision making skills, communication and teamwork.

    At this ceremony, a school prefectorial board is formed after scrutinous interviewing and selection which gives them a feel of functioning of an official administrative body. The selected students are honoured with their respective sash and badges such as Head Girl, Head Boy, Sport Captain and the student council members take an oath to faithfully work for the school. This beautifully executed event witnessed one of the mesmerizing cultural programme that portrayed the way of nirgun bhakti by Sufi Kathak ,taught an important lesson to walk alone to reach one's vision even if no one supports by humming the melodious rendition of the song "Ekla Chalo re" by Shri Rabindra Nath Tagore. The newly-formed cabinet was inspired through the divine dance drama showcasing Lord Shiva ,the epitome of Love and leadership. The Chief Guest of the day Principal DPS Civil Lines Aligarh congratulated the cabinet and by reciting a couplet of the poem "Cactus" by Harivansh Rai Bachchan , motivated those kids too who couldn't make it to the cabinet. Regarded Principal DPS Aligarh appreciated the whole event ,and shared some valuable tips to the parents present in audience and also the council members,she reminded them to uphold the dignity and pride of school,inspire others following their footsteps.A very informative insight of the working of council members was presented by The President  and vote of thanks was presented by the Head boy and head girl of school.

  • Delhi Public School Aligarh hosted "Deekshant Samaroh" for the Prepties on March 22, 2023. The event began with the lighting of the lamp and the recitation of  shlokas by teachers,which was followed by the felicitation of the esteemed guests Ms. Aarti Nigam, Principal of Pavna International School and Ms. Neena Chaku, Principal of DPS Hathras. The entire programme was based on the evolution of teaching and learning process over time, depicted through story-telling such as the introduction of Vedas, art, and culture by the narrator named "KAAL - The Time."The school choir chanted the "Shanti Path" for everyone's well-being and prosperity. Shiv Tandav and Fusion of Traditional Dance forms were beautiful amalgamations of various cultural dance forms. The young learners were  presented with  certificates to mark their progression towards a new journey. They shared their experiences about their fun and happening classes. The entire programme was beautifully orchestrated and the presence of parents added shimmer to the programme. Principal Mrs. Arti Jha congratulated & thanked everyone for the successfully executed event and enlightened the gathering with the words of wisdom.

  • “Self-belief and hard work will always earn you success.”

    Delhi Public School Aligarh's campus resounded with joy and blessings when the DPS family gathered to pray for the class Xth students this morning.

    The event commenced with lighting of lamp to invoke the blessings of the Goddess of Knowledge. Thereafter, the students lit their candles from the lamp and solemnly stood for prayer for receiving the blessings from their enlighteners which was followed by "Tilak" by the Principal and teachers, that served as a sign of hope and success in their quest of excellence in upcoming exams.

    The teachers who addressed the gathering advised the pupils to study diligently with a goal of doing well in their exams. While wrapping up the event, our regarded Principal Mrs. Arti Jha wished the students luck and encouraged them to view their board examination as a chance to identify, develop, and realise their full potential. She also wished for each of them to achieve academic success and to uphold the pride of their parents, teachers, and school.

  • “The five S’s of sports training are: stamina, speed, strength, skill, and spirit; but the greatest of them all is spirit”

    - Delhi Public School Aligarh organised the "Prayas Athletic Meet," on February 11, 2023 to demonstrate that academic excellence is not all ,the learners should also learn various skills through sports such as discipline ,team work and the spirit of leadership. The Athletic Meet was held in Pavna International School's spacious sports complex. The RAF Commandant, Mr. Ajay Kumar Sharma was the honorable Chief Guest of the event along with other distinguished guests which included Mrs. Priya Jain, Director, Pavna Group and Member of the School Managing Committee, the Principal of Delhi Public School Civil Lines, Ms. Rajni Singh, Principal of Pavna International School, Ms. Aarti Nigam, as well as other special guests from Pavna International School, like the Director of Academics,  Mr. Stephen Sibthorpe, the Head of Primary, Mr. Michael Leahy, and the Head of Operations, Dr. Ajay Kumar Singh Rajput.

    - The Chief Guest declared the event open and greatly emphasised on the need for sports in our curriculum. He motivated the gathering by talking about how we can deal with success and failure, in sports as well as in academics.  - The commitment for fair play and upholding the spirit of sportsmanship was administered in the Oath taking ceremony by our Revered Principal, Ms. Arti Jha. - In several athletic events The participants were students from classes Nursery to Grade VI. There were various kinds of races for each classes. To name a few, relay race, 100mts, 200mts hurdles, etc for classes III to V and the primary section had lemon and spoon race, ring and ball race, hurdles race etc. where our young students showcased sportsmanship and excelled in vibrant colours.

    The parents extended their support to the participants with their loudest cheer. - The parents also participated in musical chair and tug-of-war, bagging medals for themselves. The entire event was a fusion of spell bounding performances like yoga natyam, a melodious welcome song and brilliantly coordinated Robotic drill. The event was a huge success when we saw the winners smiling to their heart's content with the medals and certificates in their hands.

  • "Knowledge is power, knowledge is wealth. May goddess Saraswati bestow upon you with prosperity and peace and give you strength to make our country proud"

    DPS Aligarh celebrated India’s 74th Republic Day with great eclat. Everyone present there took pride in glorifying and celebrating the spirit of unity.Our respected Principal with other esteemed dignitaries hoisted the National flag, the each and every individual present there saluted the National flag and pledged to up hold the honour and integrity of our nation.The choir presented national anthem followed by the patriotic song titled Hum kare rashtra aradhan .

    After republic day celebrations, Basant Panchami was done with offerings to the Goddess of Knowledge, Maa Saraswati ,by Respected Principal DPS and Principal PIS Mrs. Aarti Nigam, Operation head Mr.Ajay Rajpoot to invoke blessings from her.The event concluded with a small cultural programme by teachers.The teachers tried to seek blessings from the Goddess of knowledge by singing Saraswati Vandana which sounded utmost pure and religious and welcomed "Phagun " with a beautiful rendition showing the colourful changes that our mother nature undergoes while entering to the Spring season.The music and dance department paid tribute to the goddess in their own style ,by playing the chords of #Basant_Raag and Krishna Leela with the rhythm of footsteps. Everyone enjoyed the programme thoroughly and it was concluded by the blessings of Principal PIS Aarti Nigam,who appreciated the efforts of teachers to deliver a refreshing cultural programme and inspired them to evolve further,to become better each day.

  • “If you're brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello"

    Paula Coelho has rightly summed up what Farewells are all about. DPS Aligarh bid adieu to the current batch of class 12 students with a grand farewell ceremony on December 24, 2022. With an array of events and surprises organised by students of class 11, this event saw a major participation and management skills of students, from organizing the schedule to planning titles and surprises for their seniors. While Siddhant Dubey and Somya Singh were crowned as Mr and Ms. Farewell, Shiva Mahi Mittal and Anchal Ahuja were crowned as Mr and Ms. DPS. The Principal Mrs. Arti Jha addressed the gathering and spoke about competitiveness, why it is important, and yet how it can ruin things in the long run if we're not too careful. She shared her best blessings with the outgoing students for their brilliant future and encouraged them to never give up in the face of defeat. She elaborated that the memories and unannounced lessons that they have learnt in these years of their life in school will pave the path for a brighter and more fulfilling future for each one of them. The heart broken students somehow controlled their tears because they were also elated for the new world that awaits them. Finally, they grooved to the peppy dance numbers with teary eyes, clicked photos with their favorite teachers with a broad smile, knowing after this they will just be a visitor to this premises, and ended the day with a sumptuous lunch.

  • “It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge”

    Every year on September 5th, the nation observes Teachers' Day. On this day, students show their respect for and gratitude to their teachers. Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, India's second president, is honoured on this day. The DPSites celebrated it with a lovely show at DPS Aligarh School. The of grade X, XI, and XII arranged the entire event. As an expression of appreciation for their teachers, it was decided that the students would play the role of teachers and so there were replica for every teacher and administrative staff ,who also gifted them self-made Greeting cards. Students performed a scintillating cultural show to denote their love, respect, acknowledgement and recognition of the hard work put in by the teachers towards their development. The teachers were also gifted with unique and wonderful tags attached to their names basing upon their subjects ,which was the best part of the entire event. Everyone present there enjoyed it thoroughly. The cultural performance featured poems, songs, dance, a play, and teacher-friendly games. Principal’s address brought the programme to a close. On behalf of the faculty, principal Ms. Arti Jha expressed her sincere gratitude to each and every participant who worked hard to make this day special for the teachers. She also commended the successful coordination of the council members to make this event a grand success .

  • ना जियो धर्म के नाम पर,
    ना मरो धर्म के नाम पर,
    इंसानियत ही है धर्म वतन का,
    बस जियो वतन के नाम पर।

    Indeed, everyone is having a really joyous week as the country ,as a whole commemorates 75 years of freedom. Every academic institution, including Delhi Public School Aligarh, is painted with patriotic colours. The school held a special assembly based on the theme "Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav" to commemorate the patriotic fervour. The Government of India has launched the initiative “Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav “ to celebrate 75 years of independence as well as the illustrious past of its people, culture, and accomplishments. With the daily prayers, the special assembly got off to a godly start. With their melodic voice, the choir ensemble, serenaded the crowd, inspiring patriotism among all.

    All felt a surge of patriotism after a fascinating dancing performance. The event came to a magnificent conclusion with the Principal's Arti Jha motivational words, which inspired the young students to contribute daily by doing even tiny things for the growth of our Country. Moreover She outlined what patriotism really means. The national anthem was sung as the ceremony came to a close, which moved everyone in the crowd to tears and reaffirmed the idea that the country comes first..

  • “Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality”

    Delhi Public School Aligarh organized its Investiture ceremony for the Academic session 2022-2023 today with Commandant Amit Kumar PAC Battalion 38 as the Chief guest for the occasion. For the first time in the history of DPS Aligarh, the Council members were chosen democratically through an electoral system which saw overwhelming participation by students of Classes IX to XII along with the Principal, the teachers as well as the non-teaching staff of the school.

    The event started with the welcome song, a dance tribute to the gurus through Mangalacharan- Guru Vandana followed by the donning of sash and badges to 50 young leaders of tomorrow. The Student Council members took an oath to serve the best interests of their school, striving for excellence to ensure their overall development of the school and its students. The program also witnessed an enthralling dance performance by junior and senior students on Krishna leela.

    While the Principal Arti Jha encouraged the parents to let their children take more leadership roles, the Chief guest talked about the importance of failure in the road to success as a leader to instill in them a sense of duty and responsibility. With the aim of preparing our future leaders with more effective decision making and problem solving skills, and make them aware of their authority as the Student Council member in school, both the Principal the Chief guest emphasized on the importance of empathy in a student, which is generally emulated by the children from their parents as opposed to sympathy. The proud members of the Student Council were acknowledged for their hard work and dedication, and we wish them luck for their future endeavors.

  • “Let your hard work propel you to speed so fast that good luck has no choice but to ride with a winner like you”

    DPS Aligarh bade a blessed adieu to the students of X and XII on April 23, 2022 in the school premises. It was a very ominous programme of a few hours. The programme commenced at 7:00 a.m. by lighting the lamp by the dignitaries. The premises of the school echoed with blessings……..and to bid farewell to the outgoing 2021-22 batch of class X and XII students. The Principal, Ms. Arti Jha, Academic Co-ordinator, Mr. Intzaar Ahmad blessed the childrens’ new journey by offering them a diya to light up. The senior teachers showered their blessings on them wishing them good luck for the future and gave their valuable tips for achieving success in life.

    On this occasion, there was a wonderful rendition of a song by the music department. The Principal, Ms. Arti Jha addressed the students mentioning that it is time to get exposure to the real world. She motivated the children to be prepared for the challenges that life throws at them. She added that students need to make the right decisions for their future after giving a careful thought.

    This was followed by distribution of Admit Cards and class- photographs. With such blessings, the students bade adieu to their school education. Overall, it was an incredible day. The programme ended with a vote of thanks and National Anthem.

  • “When you wish upon a star, Makes no difference who you are, Anything your heart desires, Will come to you!!!!”

    Delhi Public School, Aligarh, organized the Graduation day on 29th March, 2022 The esteemed guests that graced the auspicious occasion with their presence were Ms. Aarti Nigam, Principal of PIS, Mr. Michael, head of Primary wing in PIS, and Mr. Stephen, Academic Co-ordinator of PIS.

    The event was led by a number of wonderful hosts belonging to standard 2, Emmanuel, Devanshi, Samarth, Tejasv, Architand Akhand.

    The programme started with the welcoming of dignitaries and was followedby Lighting of the lamp to invoke blessings from Goddess of Knowledge. Respected Principal Ms. Arti Jha, welcomed everyone and gave a bird’s eye view of the achievements of the students and the laurels that they had brought to the Institution. She emphasized on the importance of schooling and the values to carry forward in their life. She also stressed students to equip themselves with adequate skills and knowledge to face the challenges and to excel in their career.Next event was a musical ensemble and a dance performance from our tiny tots.The theme of the ensemble wasA flight of imagination.It was a blend of Dreamland and The jungle book inspiring everyone to dream and take their flight of imagination. The cultural program mesmerized everyone gathered there.

    Further on the list was the most significant event – Passing the light of Knowledge. All the graduating students in their graduation dress with tassel on their right received the light of knowledge from the esteemed guests, honorable principal. It was a moment that really added charm to the atmosphere with a sense of achievement.

    Speaking on the occasion prep - stars, remembered the time spent in school wherein theywere taught, preached & moulded for their better growth. They shared their experience that how they were always motivated to achieve pinnacle of success with positive framework of mind

    The precious words in the form of blessings were given by the honorable Principal of PIS Ms. Aarti Nigam. Mr. Michael speaking on the occasion said, “Dream Big and Achieve what you desire for”and also “try till you succeed”.

    Graduation day concluded with the National Anthem and Photo Session.

  • “Children are budding stars, the more you embrace them, the more they shine”

    Delhi Public School Aligarh celebrated Children’s Day in the Campus arena for classes 6th to 8th. The program started with a prayer by the teachers and representations of ideas, facts and news were also presented by the teachers.

    The theme was Retro. Open platform for kids to dance and showcase themselves was also there, the best dressed and the kids who danced their heart out were given appreciation with crowns and sashes by Senior Mistress. Principal of the school blessed the students and chocolates were distributed among all the students.

    The classes were given different themes like Crazy/Funny Hair, Mismatch Dressing Up, Fancy Dress, Superheroes, Disneyworld’s characters.

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