• “Let your hard work propel you to speed so fast that good luck has no choice but to ride with a winner like you”

    DPS Aligarh bade a blessed adieu to the students of X and XII on April 23, 2022 in the school premises. It was a very ominous programme of a few hours. The programme commenced at 7:00 a.m. by lighting the lamp by the dignitaries. The premises of the school echoed with blessings……..and to bid farewell to the outgoing 2021-22 batch of class X and XII students. The Principal, Ms. Arti Jha, Academic Co-ordinator, Mr. Intzaar Ahmad blessed the childrens’ new journey by offering them a diya to light up. The senior teachers showered their blessings on them wishing them good luck for the future and gave their valuable tips for achieving success in life.

    On this occasion, there was a wonderful rendition of a song by the music department. The Principal, Ms. Arti Jha addressed the students mentioning that it is time to get exposure to the real world. She motivated the children to be prepared for the challenges that life throws at them. She added that students need to make the right decisions for their future after giving a careful thought.

    This was followed by distribution of Admit Cards and class- photographs. With such blessings, the students bade adieu to their school education. Overall, it was an incredible day. The programme ended with a vote of thanks and National Anthem.

  • “When you wish upon a star, Makes no difference who you are, Anything your heart desires, Will come to you!!!!”

    Delhi Public School, Aligarh, organized the Graduation day on 29th March, 2022 The esteemed guests that graced the auspicious occasion with their presence were Ms. Aarti Nigam, Principal of PIS, Mr. Michael, head of Primary wing in PIS, and Mr. Stephen, Academic Co-ordinator of PIS.

    The event was led by a number of wonderful hosts belonging to standard 2, Emmanuel, Devanshi, Samarth, Tejasv, Architand Akhand.

    The programme started with the welcoming of dignitaries and was followedby Lighting of the lamp to invoke blessings from Goddess of Knowledge. Respected Principal Ms. Arti Jha, welcomed everyone and gave a bird’s eye view of the achievements of the students and the laurels that they had brought to the Institution. She emphasized on the importance of schooling and the values to carry forward in their life. She also stressed students to equip themselves with adequate skills and knowledge to face the challenges and to excel in their career.Next event was a musical ensemble and a dance performance from our tiny tots.The theme of the ensemble wasA flight of imagination.It was a blend of Dreamland and The jungle book inspiring everyone to dream and take their flight of imagination. The cultural program mesmerized everyone gathered there.

    Further on the list was the most significant event – Passing the light of Knowledge. All the graduating students in their graduation dress with tassel on their right received the light of knowledge from the esteemed guests, honorable principal. It was a moment that really added charm to the atmosphere with a sense of achievement.

    Speaking on the occasion prep - stars, remembered the time spent in school wherein theywere taught, preached & moulded for their better growth. They shared their experience that how they were always motivated to achieve pinnacle of success with positive framework of mind

    The precious words in the form of blessings were given by the honorable Principal of PIS Ms. Aarti Nigam. Mr. Michael speaking on the occasion said, “Dream Big and Achieve what you desire for”and also “try till you succeed”.

    Graduation day concluded with the National Anthem and Photo Session.

  • “Children are budding stars, the more you embrace them, the more they shine”

    Delhi Public School Aligarh celebrated Children’s Day in the Campus arena for classes 6th to 8th. The program started with a prayer by the teachers and representations of ideas, facts and news were also presented by the teachers.

    The theme was Retro. Open platform for kids to dance and showcase themselves was also there, the best dressed and the kids who danced their heart out were given appreciation with crowns and sashes by Senior Mistress. Principal of the school blessed the students and chocolates were distributed among all the students.

    The classes were given different themes like Crazy/Funny Hair, Mismatch Dressing Up, Fancy Dress, Superheroes, Disneyworld’s characters.


  • EARTH DAY 2020-21
  • Theme : Climate Action

    The theme for Earth Day 2020 is Climate Action. The enormous challenge- but also the vast opportunities- of action on climate change have distinguished the issue as the most pressing topic for the 50th anniversary.

    Delhi Public School Aligarh organized various activities during ongoing online classes to sensitize the students about the need to change our ways in dealing with our planet to control the unchecked damage to our environment that has already been done in these years.

    The students of Delhi Public school Aligarh enthusiastically participated in various online activities to commemorate our benevolent Mother Earth.

    Pre K

    1. A common activity and video related to Earth Day were sent in all the classes of Pre K.

    2. Video had – maintaining the plants ; activity – handprinting and colouring activity on ‘Keep our earth safe and beautiful’

    Classes 1 & 2

    1. Collage making activity was sent to make them understand the importance of earth Day.

    2. Video on how to take care of plants.

    Class 3

    1. Picture story with colourful cartoons was shown and narrated to explain the harmful effects of human activities on the Earth.

    2. power point presentation was shown to make them understand the importance of Earth Day.

    3. Few literary activities like “unjumble the sentences related to Earth day” were done.

    Class 4

    1. Powerpoint presentation was shown to tell the importance of this day.

    2. Poster on “Save Earth from Coronavirus” was made with the help of video containing the steps to make the same.

    Class 5

    1. Wall hanging making activity was done with the message “Reduce, reuse and recycle”

    2. It was linked with the English and Math

    3. classes where teachers explained the concepts of grammar and area & place value system respectively.

    Class 6

    1. Discussed the importance and facts related to Earth Day with the help of ppt.

    2. The topic was linked with the present pandemic and lockdown.

    3. An exercise of jumble words and a word search were given to solve.

    4. It was linked with the topic in Geography —Earth in the Solar System.Four phases of evolution of the Earth were also discussed.

    5. Activity – Creative hangings emphasizing earth’s importance were made.

  • The Earth doesn’t belong to us, we belong to the Earth. Still, it provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed. However, man’s greed has made the earth severely sick. Seeing the Earth heal from all the ailments during and as a result of the lockdown, Delhi Public School Aligarh held a poster making competition on the occasion of Earth Day. The kids were asked to design a poster depicting our mother Earth and ways to maintain life on it. Kids, under their parents guidance, came up with amazing, creative and innovative posters. Sharing best of the entries with the names of the winners……

    Class I II III
  • Date: 17th Feb. 2020

    Resource Person: Mr.S.P.Bhanti

    Time: 11:40 a.m.

    Venue: DPS (JW) Aligarh

    Observers: All the members of DPS (JW) Aligarhand the students from classes Playgroup – VI.

    As a part of our system operational alertness for emergency,a Mock Drill was held in DPSAligarh, tending to teach disaster prevention. A siren was blown as an emergency call which made the students and teachers run fast and vacate the classes within a very short span of time. The first group reached the ground within 36 seconds of time while the second group including more than 85% students and teachers reached the assembly ground in 2 min and 12 seconds which was ahead of the standard time. While reaching the assembly ground all the students counted and checked their classmates. No injury had occurred during the drill. Mr. S.P. Bhanti the Director of Disaster Preventers addressed the gathering highlighting the precautionary actions to be taken to prevent the disasters. He also gave a demonstration of extinguishing fire by using fire extinguishers provided by the school. Mr. Bhanti also guided the gathering to take shelter in kitchen in case the house catches fire as it would safer and better place for the survival. He also answered a number of queries raised by the students on safety measures and disaster management. On this occasion all the teaching staff along with supporting staff listened the instructions very carefully and patiently. Ms.Bhavana Bhardwaj, the Headmistress appreciated the demonstration.

  • On 10th December 2019, Culmination Program of Class 2 took place in which the target was to achieve 100% participation. Each and every child from all three sections took part in this process of learning and sharing of knowledge in different ways.

    Tashi Sharma of Class 2 B welcomed the parents for the interesting progam, and thento commence the program, a melodious and spiritual song ‘Bhajan karoon’ was sung by the little ones. Our dignified Head Mistress ma’am Ms. Bhavana Bhardwaj welcomed the parents and graced them with her kind and thought provoking words.

    Ridhima Varshney and Vansh Varshney of Class 2 B invited a group of students on the stage to greet the audience in German. Anant Saxena of Class 2C welcomed another group to showcase ‘Blending of Words’ with the help of phonic sounds. Eishaan Sharma of Class 2B warmly invitedthe next group to sing a melodious and inspirational rhyme ‘Chandrayan’. Roliranjan Varshney and Lavanya Goyal of Class 2 C welcomed the next group to enact ‘Action Words’. Parth Godani of Class 2A introduced the group which demonstrated the ‘Methods of Learning of Addition’ the way that is followed in their own classrooms. Divya Arya and Darsh Maheshwari of Class 2 A invited their friends whoconveyed their ideas about ‘The Different Seasons’ through a rhyme. Arsh Bhargava and his friends of Class 2 B showcased‘Animal Homes’. Tejasv Saxena of Class 2 A shared the awareness about ‘Eating Fresh Fruits and Green Vegetables’ to keep oneself healthy.Mayukh Govind of Class 2 B invited his friends on stage to motivate every one to care for their surroundings. A dance show presented by the young ones completely mesmerized the audience. To remind us of our responsibilities towards our environment and our country, Lavanya Goyal of Class 2 C led out the pledge.

    Honourable Head Mistress ma’am addressed the audience with her kind words followed by appreciation by the parents of Class 2.

    Some of the parents shared their valuable feedback which has been quoted below :-

    • “I see great co-ordinationbetween the parents and the teachers here and the teachers put in a lot of efforts in the learning process of the child.”
      – Mrs. Kajli Sharma (Mother of Mahi Vashishtha Class 2 A)
    • “The events and programs organised by DPS Aligarh, Junior Wing are very fruitful for the students as they help to develop self- confidence in the students”.
      – Mrs. Anupama Kumari (Mother of Tashi Sharma Class 2 B)
  • Delhi Public School Aligarh, Junior Wing organized a Culmination Ceremony of class Nursery and Playgroup on 3rd December 2019. The Culmination Ceremony was all about showcasing the classroom learning in a fun way.

    The students learn to be independent and are taught to participate in various activities at DPS Aligarh, Junior Wing. This is evident from the fact, that the little ones from Nursery and Playgroup like Jeevika Varshney and Mayra Sharma of Class Nursery B and Akhand Gupta of Class Nursery A, beautifully hosted the ceremony.

    The ceremony started with Morning Prayer. Headmistress Ma’am Ms. Bhavana Bhardwaj extended a formal welcome to the parents. In her address she spoke of the nurturance provided to the young ones in the school. She also spoke about ‘Inclusive Education’ which enables all the students, regardless of any challenges, to be placed in age-appropriate general education classes to receive high-quality instructions, inventions and supports that enable them to meet success in the core curriculum.

    After H.M. Ma’am’s address a group of students from class Nursery showcased their knowledge on the topic ‘Sense Organs’. Toddlers from class Playgroup narrated a melodious rhyme “Hot Cross Bun”, in the manner in which they are taught poems in their classroom. Then the students from class Nursery demonstrated the very crucial part of their curriculum ‘Phonic Sounds and Vocabulary’ of different letters of English and a melodic rhyme in Hindi “Natkhat Mere Chotey Bhaiya”. To direct the focus towards Mathematic Skills being learnt at school, a presentation involving ‘Counting of Numbers’ was put forward by the little munchkins from class Playgroup. The students of class Nursery updated everyone with the concept of ‘Big and Small’. Later, Nursery Choir Group presented a very rhythmic song “Clap your hands, listen to the music”.

    Towards the end of the program, Principal Ma’am Ms. Aarti Nigam addressed the gathering with her exhilarating words accurately defining the purpose of the days’ meet. The ceremony concluded with National Anthem.

    Some of the parents shared their valuable feedback which has been quoted below :-

    • “It feels wonderful to see such small kids performing so confidently. This would do wonders to the personality of a child”.
      – Mr. Ankit Agarwal (Father of Ayansh Agarwal – Class Nursery B)
    • “I have seen a lot of change in my child after he has joined Delhi Public School. He has become outspoken and interacts with everyone around.
      – Mrs. Neha Gupta (Mother of Bhavya Gupta – Nursery B)
  • Champions keep playing until they get it right.

    Delhi Public School Aligarh, Junior Wing held its Annual Athletic Meet 2019 on 25th November 2019 in the school playground. It was a time to commemorate the victory of the champions and a day filled with mirth, joy and thrills for the students. We at DPS firmly believe that it is through sports that a young, impressionable child can learn values like discipline, responsibility, self-confidence, sacrifice, and accountability.

    In the true spirit of Sportsmanship, the Annual Athletic Meet 2019 commenced with the felicitation of the venerable guests with a sapling. Among the dignitaries present were the Guest of Honour Prof. Asfar Ali Khan, Director, Directorate of School Education AMU, Aligarh, our dynamic Pro-Vice Chairman Sir Mr. Swapnil Jain, respected Ma’am Ms. Priya Jain, Member of School Managing Committee, Mr. Rishabh Jain Sir, CEO Team Member, Honourable Ma’am Ms. Rajni Singh, Principal, DPS Civil Lines, our versatile leader Ms. Aarti Nigam Ma’am, Principal, DPS Aligarh, and Mr. Chandra ShekharSir, Vice Principal, DPS, Aligarh and Mr. Brij Mohan Sir , Administrative Officer. The Headmistress, Ms. Bhavana Bhardwaj extended a warm welcome to all the dignitaries, students, parents and the teachers for their benign presence.In her welcome speech, she also laid emphasis on the importance of sports in a student’s life and presented a brief report of the sports activities and achievements of the school.

    After the lighting of the torch, the Annual Sports Meet was declared open by PVC Sir Mr. Swapnil Jain. Aspectacular and synchronized March Past was performed by the students belonging to the four houses namely: Chenab, Ganga, Jhelum and Ravi. The students solemnly pledged to uphold the spirit of true sportsmanship.The students of Classes I and II showcased Aerobics with great spontaneity and zeal. This was entailed by the events of Pre-K students such as Balloon Race with Parents, Frog Jump, Clown Race, 20 m Sprint etc., This is followed by Prize Distribution to the students of Play Group, Nursery and Prep.

    A beautiful musical rhapsody was presented by the students who won the hearts of all the spectators. The students of Class III and IV presented a flamboyant and glitzy Mass Display. A mesmerising and colourful drill was presented by the students from AshaKiran and Shiksha Kendra. Following which a few racestook place such as the Lemon Race, Hurdle Race, Sack Race, Relay Race of Class I to VI with prizes being distributed simultaneously.

    The spectators were particularly enthused by the exhilarating Taekwondo performance showcased by the students. The zealous parents, gathered in large numbers, constantly applauded the enthusiastic young sports stars. ChenabHouse won the trophy for the best March Past and Jhelum House won the Cock House Trophy for the Athletic Meet-2019. The Annual Athletic Meet-2019 was a spectacular event with 100% participation from the students.

    In his concluding speech, the Guest of Honour Prof. Asfar Ali Khan, Director, Directorate of School Education AMU, Aligarh praised the endeavours of the school and rendered his blessing on the students.The Principal Ms. Aarti Nigam thanked the parents and the students for making the program a great success. She also motivated the students to accept greater challenges in their life and always press on moving forward without looking back.

    Thereafter a spectacular and radiant Grand Finale was presented by students of Class PG to VI. The spectators were particularly enthused by their performance and praised the student’s efforts profusely. This was followed by rendition of Vote of Thanks. The school playground rimmed with flags and balloons reverberating with the sound of cheers made everyone’s day which thus ended with a cheerful note and singing of the National Anthem.

  • Every child is a different kind of flower and all together, makes this world a beautiful garden.

    On 14th November 2019, Delhi Public School Aligarh, Junior Wing celebrated Children’s Day with unparalleled joy, fun and frolic. The day is celebrated to pay tribute to the legendary freedom fighter and our first Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru popularly known as ‘Cha-cha’, who lovedchildren and had was very compassionate towards them.

    In the true spirit of Sportsmanship, the Annual Athletic Meet 2019 commenced with the felicitation of the venerable guests with a sapling. Among the dignitaries present were the Guest of Honour Prof. Asfar Ali Khan, Director, Directorate of School Education AMU, Aligarh, our dynamic Pro-Vice Chairman Sir Mr. Swapnil Jain, respected Ma’am Ms. Priya Jain, Member of School Managing Committee, Mr. Rishabh Jain Sir, CEO Team Member, Honourable Ma’am Ms. Rajni Singh, Principal, DPS Civil Lines, our versatile leader Ms. Aarti Nigam Ma’am, Principal, DPS Aligarh, and Mr. Chandra ShekharSir, Vice Principal, DPS, Aligarh and Mr. Brij Mohan Sir , Administrative Officer. The Headmistress, Ms. Bhavana Bhardwaj extended a warm welcome to all the dignitaries, students, parents and the teachers for their benign presence.In her welcome speech, she also laid emphasis on the importance of sports in a student’s life and presented a brief report of the sports activities and achievements of the school.

    The special day for the students began with a spectacular assembly presented by the teachers to proclaim their love and care for their students. The presence of the versatile and dynamic Principal ma’am Ms. Aarti Nigam made it even more special for the children who welcomed her with a sapling. The Headmistress ma’am Ms. Bhavana Bhardwaj welcomed all the students and shared an inspiring thought of the day to express how special each one of the children is! The comperes Ms. Pooja Bhargava and Ms. Sapna Lal actively anchored the assembly. An English poem “Never give up” was narrated by a group of teachers who taught a valuable lesson of perseverance to the children through their poem. News update was presented wonderfully by Ms. Namrata Saxena, she touched upon national and global news and also news pertaining sports and DPS. This was followed by a medley of beautiful and meaningful song presentation by teachers of Classes I and II. It brought smile and laughter on the beautiful faces of the students. A few mind boggling G.K. questions were put forward by Ms. Sumbul Khan. The students did great by answering the question with utmost precision. The speech in Hindi was presented confidently by Ms. Rakhi Gautam with the message of the commencement of Children’s Day in India and its importance. Following this was the rendition of a poem in Hindi by a group of teachers, which was an ode, dedicated to the students. The students enjoyed the presentation and laughed boisterously at the jokes. Interesting Facts was presented by Ms. Rashmi Upadhyay who shared few facts which truly added to the knowledge of the students as well as the teachers. Yet another power-packed dance performance by the teachers of Classes Pre-K set the stage on fire. Ms. Shilpi Chauhan expressed her happiness and inspired the students with a poem.

    Principal ma’am Ms. Aarti Nigam appreciated the assembly and most importantly she made each child feel special with her kind words of encouragement. The pledge was beautifully led by Ms. Shalini Jain reminding everyone of their duties towards the nation. Headmistress ma’am Ms. Bhavana Bhardwaj congratulated all the students and the teachers. The assembly concluded with the National Anthem.

    The students were profusely overwhelmed with the entire effort of the teachers. The campus was buzzing with excitementof the students as they moved on to the second part of the special program which included sports activities-track events such as races, sack race, relay race, tug of waretc., organised for the auxiliary staff of the school, the teachers and for the students. The day ended in a beautiful resonance lingering in everybody’s minds. The entire programme will always remain etched in the memory of one and all.

  • The students and teachers of Delhi Public School Aligarh, Junior Wing witnessed a spectacular event of Inter-House Rangoli Making and Soft Board Decoration Competition conducted at the School premises on 23th October 2019. Students from the different house such as the Chenab, Ganga, Jhelum and Ravi participated in this competition with zeal and in an organized manner. ‘Rangoli Making Competition’ was done by Group A which comprised of the students fromClass III and IV. For Group B comprising of students from Class V and VI, it was ‘Soft Board Decoration Competition’. For both the categories the theme was ‘Deepawali-The Festival of Lights’. Ms. Shalini Jain and Ms. Neeru Gupta judged the competition. Thus the celebrations of Deepaawali commenced at Delhi Public School Aligarh, Junior Wing with a good note. The results of the competition are as below:

    Category: Group A (Class III and IV)

    Competition: Rangoli Making

    1st Ganga
    2nd Chenab
    3rd Jhelum& Ravi

    Category: Group B (Class V and VI)

    Competition: Soft Board Decoration

    1st Chenab
    2nd Jhelum
    3rd Ganga
    4th Ravi
  • The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.

    On 17th October 2019, Delhi Public School Aligarh, Junior Wing, opened its doors for international amalgamation with France, in order for its students to experience different cultures through Indo-French Exchange Programme -2019. A delegation of 21 students accompanied by their teachers Mr. Fredrick Rousselle, Mr. Herve Escario, Ms. Carole Mauriaucourt and Ms. Karine Herve from Lycee Privee Ozanam and Ozanam Epil Campus (EPIL), who had arrived from France on 16th October 2019, were welcomed with a ‘Tilak’ and lovely badges upon their arrival at the school premises to get a first-hand experience of the most beautiful country of the world. Accompanying the Students from France, were their 21 partners from DPS Aligarh and DPS Civil Lines.

    A special assembly was conducted in French by the students of DPS Aligarh, Junior Wing, who have opted for French as their Third Language. A French Song by Pratyush Sharma of Class VIA was a delight to the soul. The Headmistress Ms. Bhavana Bhardwaj addressed the delegation and extended a formal welcome to them. The assembly gave the guests a sneak-peek of the daily schedule followed in the school.

    A myriad of activities were planned for the delegation from France at Delhi Public School Aligarh, Junior Wing. Post assembly the guests participated in a session involving Calisthenics and the mind and soul transforming Yogasanas. Thereafter, the guests were ushered to various classes wherein they were given a glimpse of our extra-ordinary country. The Headmistress Ms. Bhavana Bhardwaj accompanied the guests as they interacted with the students in their respective class rooms. The students from Class Playgroup to Class II were dressed as the various Freedom Fighters and Leaders of India. They also interacted and shared poems and songs with the guests. The students of Class III to VI were dressed in stunning attires to represent the different states and Union Territories of India in their beautifully decorated classrooms. They welcomed the guests with their dance and song presentations. Famous dishes and articles, from the States and Union Territories they represented, were on display. The objective was to provide a glimpse of the extra-ordinary beauty and cultural diversity of India under one roof. The delegation seemed to have really enjoyed their interaction with the students. The group then visited various ultra-modern activity rooms such as the Arts, Dance, Music and Sports rooms. They also visited the Language Lab, Science Lab, Maths Lab, and Social Studies Lab. Thereafter, the delegation joined for some refreshments in the Canteen to re-energise them for the session next in line where in they joined for hands on experience at Clay Modelling in the Multi-Purpose Lab. It was relaxing and also very interesting at the same time for the delegation to put their thoughts into shape. Everyone enjoyed the experience. Their day at DPS Aligarh, Junior Wing thus ended with the Photo Session to forever capture their memories and experiences. For the delegation of France and the students of DPS Aligarh, Junior Wing, it was a day of ‘Educational and Cultural Exchange’ in its truest sense!

    The Indo-French Exchange Programme-2019 will provide an unparalleled opportunity to the students of DPS Aligarh to effectively build bridges of understanding of France, broaden their horizon and change the way they see the world.

  • The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.

    Delhi Public School Aligarh, Junior Wing provides an unprecedented array of opportunities for its students to develop their language skills by offering them French as one of the Third Languages apart from German, Sanskrit and Urdu.

    A Skype Session between the students of DPS Aligarh, Junior Wing and the students from ALSH Jean Jacques Rousseau School, France was organised on 16th October 2019. A total number of 10 students from Class III A participated in the Skype Session conducted by Ms.Namrata Saxenaand Ms.Ning Rousselle from ALSH Jean Jacques Rousseau School, assisted by Mr. Mahesh Kumar and Ms.Meenakshi Mishra of DPS Aligarh, Junior Wing. The Headmistress Ms. Bhavana Bhardwaj also joined the Skype Session and exchanged greeting with the students of France and their teachers. It was an exciting experience for the students who communicated in French with the students on the other side of the globe. They exchanged many interesting questions and information about their school, their interest and their country.

    Such “immersion” experience is extremely crucial to 3rd language acquisition. It also helped the students to overcome their fears and gave them a sense of intercultural understanding.

  • Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.
    – Mahatma Gandhi

    Remembering Gandhi ji on his 150th Birth Anniversary, DPS Aligarh, Junior Wing organized an essay writing competition along with many other events held in school to mark this significant day.

    Several students highlighted the relevance of Gandhiji’s philosophy of non-violence, truth, prohibition, down-to earth economic policies, untouchability, women’s emancipation etc.

    The youth of India are ready to take a new look at the historical past and perhaps glean new perspective from it. The students participating in the essay competition have laboured hard to understand Mahatma Gandhi’s philosophy by studying his writings and the commentaries about him.

    Maybe, today’s spinning wheel in India should be software and biotechnology, but, students admiringly expressed that it may provide the same economic and social results as Gandhiji wanted.

    So let’s follow Gandhiji’s vision and make India a peaceful place to live in.

  • When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of truth and love have always won. Think of it–always.
    – Mahatma Gandhi

    Remembering Gandhiji on his 150th birth anniversary, DPS JW , Aligarh has put in manifold efforts to instill in its students a sense of pride in carrying forward an unmatched legacy. The talk show, the hand wash activity, the Gandhian ramp-walk- to showcase the Dandi March(an important event in Indian history) were organized to depict the lifestyle and vision of a jingoist who comes once in many centuries. A gift of mother India, to mother India and for mother India- Mohandas Karam Chand Gandhi travelled to different nations just to return back to his own country more powerful and astute than ever.

    Mohandas K. Gandhi was born in 1869, in Porbandar, India. He travelled to England and South Africa for professional purposes. Gandhi was struck by the level of racial discrimination and injustice often experienced by Indians there. After 21 years in South Africa, Gandhi returned to India in 1915. He became the leader of the Indian nationalist movement campaigning for home rule or Swaraj ..Also he launched many campaigns to change the status of untouchables.

    A piece of paper is never enough to describe the life of a man who devoted his entire life to his country. This 150th birthday of Gandhiji has given us an opportunity to remember him and his devotion towards India. We try and infuse these values into our students who are the future of tomorrow. We, at DPS are a strong believer of Service before self.. Inspiration-Gandhiji! And these activities organized in school are a way to remember his achievements and throw light on his life.

    To the Father of Nation- We, as a school, take an oath to infuse in generations, your values and your ethics.

  • On 24th September 2019, Culmination Programme of Class Preparatory took place at Delhi Public School Junior Wing Aligarh, in which our motive was to enhance overall development of our students with 100 percent participation. Naira Varshney of Class Prep-(A) welcomed the parents, and then a melodious welcome song “Namaste Namaste” was sung by a group of tiny toddlers. Our dignified Head Mistress ma’am Ms. Bhavana Bhardwaj addressed the audience with her kind words and very clearly focused that such programmes are always not perfect since the students have taken the driver’s seat, she also said that these activities would really help them to grow into a confident individual followed by appreciation of the parents. Each and every child from all the three sections took part in this process of learning and sharing full of josh and joy. Tanvi Dwivedi of Class Prep-(A) invited few students on stage to showcase their way of learning opposites with the help of Action song. Eshaan Singh of Class Prep-(A) welcomed a troop of singers to showcase their singing talent with a mellifluous song “Old Macdonald had a Farm” Vanya Singh of Class Prep-C warmly invited some students to share few tips of cleanliness. Then blending of words with the help of Phonic sounds was demonstrated, and then a very interesting activity of skip counting was organised through which kids could understand the concept very easily. Basic sounds of Hindi namely Swar and Vyanjan were performed in an artistic way. A dance show was put forward by toddlers took the audience’s breathe away.

    Our honourable Principal ma’am Ms. Arti Nigam blessed students and addressed the parents saying children need space to bloom. A perfect guidance blended with nurturing let kids live and grow unrestricted.Her encouraging words were the most needed boost for the audience. Mrs. Shivani Jain mother of Vyom Jain of Class Prep-A said, “The programme was really awesome and it would definitely add to the confidence of each child.” Mrs. Neha Gupta mother of Sunidhi of Class Prep-B was really happy and said, “I liked the programme vey much.“, Mrs. Hiba Ashraf mother of Filza Ashraf of class Prep-C also appreciated the process of learning taking place at Delhi Public School Aligarh. Overall, the programme was a success.

  • A Culmination Ceremony was organized by Delhi Public School Aligarh, Junior Wing, on 17th September 2019 for class I for the first time to share the fun and learning happening in the class with parents who were invited for this special program. Our highly esteemed Principal Ma’am Ms.Aarti Nigam and the Headmistress Ma’am Ms. Bhavana Bhardwaj graced the occasion.

    The ceremony began with welcome of the parents by respected Headmistress Ma’am Ms. Bhavana Bhardwaj through her kind words. She highlighted the vision of the school and the role of parents and teachers in the student’s learning process.

    After that the young learners presented various activities like the morning prayer, rhymes, naming words, fun with numbers, moral values and games. Children also show-cased their knowledge of one of the foreign language they are being introduced at school i.e French.

    At last, our respected Principal Ma’am Ms. Aarti Nigam addressed the gathering with her invigorating words. The students demonstrated ‘The Phonic Presentation’ and ‘Hindi Matra Activity’ in the manner it is practiced in the class. The ceremony concluded with National Anthem.

    After the Culmination Programme, some of the parents approached the teachers with their valuable feedback and reflection. Couple of them has been quoted as:

    The programme was awesome and the kids performed very well. It has bridged the gap between the things taught at school and at home. Even I have learnt so many techniques to make learning easier, fun and synchronized.
    – Mr. Chandrahas Rana and Mrs.Unnati Rana
    (Parents of Rananjay Singh Rana – Class I A)

    It was a learning experience for the parents as we were made aware of the methodology applied by the teachers in their classrooms.
    – Mrs. Nidhi Agawral (Parent of Paridhi Agarwal – Class I B)

  • Despite unnumbered attempts to safeguard the girls in any society, the crime rates against them seem to be inflating by the day. In such a scenario it becomes particularly essential to educate our girls about their own safety. Hence on 17th July 2019, the girls of Class V and VI along with the teachers and the Headmistress Ms. Bhavana Bhardwaj attended an awareness program ‘Kavach – Aawaaz Uthao Chuppi Todo’ held in the school premises. The session was conducted by the resource person Ms. Seema from Child Helpline and Women Helpline, Ms. Neera, Principal, Baal Kalyan Samiti and their team.

    The main areas covered in the session were:

    • Awareness of good touch and bad touch amongst the girls
    • Self awareness
    • Awareness of certain safety tools such as water bottle, pen, teeth etc.
    • Shouting out loud when feeling unsafe
    • Girls being equally strong as men
    • Avoiding talking to the strangers at all times
    • Use of helpline numbers:
    •   Women Helpline – 181

        Child Helpline – 1098

        Women Power Helpline – 1090

    • Use of a family code when someone else is sent for pick

    The objective of the program was to make the girls aware of different situations and how to deal with them. The workshops highlighted the fact that it is absolutely essential that women/girls raise their voice against any misconduct as self-help is their greatest help.

  • All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.

    Mother’s day is a special day, for all children and mothers as; it celebrates the bond of love and affection. Mothers are the emotional backbone of the family, who always have the magic wand to heal all wounds and make all things beautiful.

    The students and faculty of Delhi Public School, Junior Wing, Aligarhpaid a tribute to the mothers on this special occasion.The event was held on 3rd May, 2019, mothers were specially invited to spend a memorable day filled with activities and fun. The programme was hosted by PranavMehra of class VI A and Navya Jain of class VI B.The programme started with a welcome speech by our Headmistress ma’am Ms.Bhavna Bhardwaj, in her speech she emphasized that a mother is a God, Teacher, Friend, Philosopher and a Guide. Then our teachers came up with a dance performance to show their gratitude towards mothers. Few of our talented mothers came up with amazing dance and song presentations. A mother and child duo presented an interesting enactment depicting Goa. Later, there was a ramp show, all the mothers walked on the ramp with grace and confidence. Madam PoojaBhargava and Madam Akanksha Jain planned few interesting games for the mothers. Winners of the games are as follows:

    • Mrs Anupama Yadav – Blind Fold
    • Mrs Somya Goyal – Balloon Game
    • Mrs Neerja Kumari – Bangle Game

    Later, Dishita Singh of class VI rendered a vote of thanks. All the mothers were felicitated by our respected Headmistress Ma’am. Towards the end all the mothers were requested to visit their kid’s classes, as kid’s prepared handmade take away for their loving and caring mothers. All the mothers looked happy and cheerful while leaving the school premises.

    Few feedbacks shared by the mothers:

    1. With such events we feel optimistic as well as easily connect with school.
    By: Mother of Aradhya Goyal Class: Nursery A

    2. It was a superb program with lovely arrangements and beautifully made gift by my daughter.
    By: Mother of Kavya Class: Prep A

  • An orientation programme was held on 30th March 2019 in D.P.S. Aligarh, for the new parents of all children enrolled in the session 2019-20. The purpose of this event was to share information regarding the working environment of the school and about making the parents aware of the system and feel a part of our DPS family.

    The session commenced with a welcome speech by the Head Mistress Ma’am Ms. Bhavana Bharadwaj.

    The programme had three phases .The first phase was conducted by Ms. Priya Rajput and Ms.Shreshtha Jain wherein all the apprehensions and fear of students coming to a new school, expectations of school from the child and the parent and the expectations of the parent from school were discussed. They also made parents aware about the school policies and its salient features.

    At last, our respected Principal Ma’am Ms. Aarti Nigam addressed the gathering with her invigorating words. The students demonstrated ‘The Phonic Presentation’ and ‘Hindi Matra Activity’ in the manner it is practiced in the class. The ceremony concluded with National Anthem.

    Second phase was conducted by Ms. Sapna Lal in which she showcased glimpses of different function and activities held in school and how it is used to develop different managerial skills in the students and also help in overall grooming of child.

    In the third phase the concept and usage of Almanac was explained by Ms. Poonam Chaturvedi. She discussed the examination criteria separately for playgroup-class II and class III to VI.

    It was quite an interactive session in which parents had taken part enthusiastically. Queries were also answered by the Headmistress Ma’am.

  • Class VI had their Blessing ceremony on 26th of February, 2019. It is a DPS ritual where the children are being blessed as they move into another phase of their student life and also to the other wing i.e., Senior Wing. Students of Class VI shared their feelings, experiences and memories about their school life at Junior wing. Many of them even got emotional too. Teachers presented a song wishing them all luck and be the winners in their lives wherever they go, whatever they do. The class teachers put tilak and offered sweets to them. Senior mistresses’ Ms. Ankur Pathak and Ms.Shalini Jain too blessed the children and asked them to always move on right path.

    Headmistress Ms. Bhavana Bhardwaj showered her blessings on them. She took the promise from them to always be true to their country and its people. She wished them luck for the upcoming exams.

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